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The Euro in the 21st Century:
Preface by Joaquin Almunia
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  I hold a Ph.D. in International Studies. Since 2005, I have been researching and publishing under the umbrella of the European Union Center of Excellence at the University of Miami (FL)

  This post has allowed me to become an expert on the euro and on economic and monetary issues that affect the EU and the Eurozone. This website has been created wit the aim of putting together my research in order to help you better understand the European Union and its "growing pains."

  The purpose of this book is to analyze how the current economic crisis and financial uproar are affecting not only the current monetary order, but most importantly the Eurozone, the EU and the euro. Ir order to achieve this goal, this manuscript os divided into nine chapters and uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies to present strong conclusions.
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